Teenage lesbian poo-fight

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Teenage lesbian poo-fight
A bunch of teenage lesbians at a children’s home in Jamaica stripped naked and flung dung at each other following an argument.

The row, at a home for teenage girls in Jamaica, kicked off last week when two of the girls allegedly began fighting over a girlfriend they both wanted. As the fight became more fierce authorities at the safe house tried to split the girls up, and the police were also called.

But at this point, in a bid to avoid being arrested, the girls stripped off their clothes and began flinging shit at each other, and the police, from a nearby cesspit.

Eventually the girls were subdued.

“There was a fight last week, however, it was brought under control.” A spokesperson from the Child Development Agency said.

However, when asked about the cause of the fracas the CDA spokesperson denied any lesbian gay connection.

“There are no such reports of such behaviour as we have never heard of any of that there.” she said.

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