Monkey bites off baby boy’s testicles

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Chinese monkey
A monkey at a Chinese zoo broke free from its cage and attacked an eight-month-old boy, biting off the infant’s ballsack and gonads.

The testicle mauling took place at a zoo in Guizhou Province yesterday, according to Shenzhen TV the monkey had escaped from its enclosure and was playing with visitors when it suddenly turned and attacked the baby as it was having its nappy changed.

The child’s mother said the attack happened so fast it was over in seconds, the monkey jumped on the baby as the nappy was removed, sank its teeth into the child’s scrotum and bit off the right testicle gland.

Doctors say the condition is not life threatening but the boy will never become a father, surgeons are unable to reattach the severed bollock because the attacking monkey ate it.

Zoo officials agreed to pay for medical costs, but are refusing to pay any compensation to the boy’s family saying that monkey attacks are so common at the zoo they can’t afford to pay compensation for every injury.

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