Woman gives birth to serpent with seven heads

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Seven-headed snake

Seven-headed snake

A former devil worshipper in Swaziland says she has given birth to a seven-headed snake and vomited up live starfish.

27-year-old Patience Tsabedze is a self confessed former devil worshipper married to a police officer. According to the husband, Constable Mfanzile Malaza, his wife turned her back on devil worship just two months ago, when she was ‘saved’ by notorious exorcist Pastor Muzi Manana.

Since quitting devil worship Patience has complained of many strange ailments, mostly involving the vomiting of live animals such as spiders, fish, worms and even starfish. The creatures are usually spewed up along with ‘gallons’ of blood, and disposed of down the lavatory.

On the 7th of July Patience told husband Mfanzile that she was suffering what she could only describe as labour pains, the police constable told her to go to the toilet and ‘push out’ whatever was inside her. Patience complied and subsequently squeezed a seven-headed serpent through her vagina, according to Mfanzile’s account of the incident.

“It was my first time seeing such a snake, a seven-headed one with glittering eyes. I tried to kill it but it hid inside the toilet so we decided to flush it,” he said.

“He tried to kill it using a log but as he fought it, it hid inside the water and it was flushed away,” Patience also explained.

“Just a few days ago, I vomited live worms which I flushed in the toilet,” she added.

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Cubed earwax
  • icechief

    I understand these events but all I can suggest is that the woman shoud go to South Africa, Durban Inanda to Shembe(eBuhleni- uNyazi lweZulu). He will help her. Nothing is hard for Him to do. So she should try that and I know she will get help

  • dudu

    yes, only uNyazilwezulu can help her. She has to go to inanda in dbn.

  • michael ngwenya

    the woman needs Jesus.nothing is impossible,if she truly believes,she will be delivered for there is greater power in the blood of Jesus than any devilish act.jer 33:3

  • Will

    This is satanism act at its utmost. Satanism discoveries are increasing in swazland, with major involvement of youth and christian church ministries ‘pastors’. These ex-dvl worshpers have great experience in satan’s operation systems from down below the oceans and up on the land. What comes out from that woman are live demons that used to empower her to change forms during her satanic asigned duti

  • Wai

    Yes , religion is her last resort. Also should try meditation at a Buddhist Meditation Centre…. either at a centre of Guru SN Goenka http://www.dhamma.org/en/goenka.shtml.
    OR at a centre of a venerable Monk where some people suffering like this came and cured by meditation according to the records.

  • sya

    yes i agree to those who say she must go to ebuhlen at nanda in durban she wil get help from Unyazi lwezulu thnkx.

  • dazela

    Yes I agree with you only Unyazi Lwezulu oluzoksiza jesus is far from u uyofikanini kwa israel akuzwe uNkulunkulu omuhle ohlala nabantu.

  • Irvine

    She must be baptised and she’ll be born again nothing will be imposible to her

  • Diaz

    You need Jesus. And surrender your all to Him.

    Romas 14:11
    For it is written, As I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God.

    “every” tounge. demons is nothing compared to God. even them will confess and bow down to Him.

  • JJ

    Nothing is impossible in the matchless name of the lord,God is full of Love and forgiveness, pray sister

  • mandla

    God is always i agree. We are rebels, shameful of us. We all know what happened to God when He was living amongst His own creation, in flesh and blood, in Christ Jesus the Only Son. God has forever been failed by us. But has he given up on us? I am not Israelite, i am African, i am Zulu. God hasnt given up on me. I am not goin to rebel against God, i am not Rebelling against UNyazi LweZulu. To the lady in Swaziland, God is living with us in Inanda, Durban, eBuhleni bamaNazaretha. Shembe is the way!

  • venesh dookhie

    Seek JESUS, for HIS blood shall wash away all evil.

  • thabs

    Its high time that we black people grow up.this is total ludacris and a myth.iam Swazi swaziland is so boring that we say sooo much unrealistic things to get the day going.

    she could not bring proff of this and i think she should get checked(mentally)people go on about satanist all the time i think they wish they were and they know it will draw attension thats why they come up with all this Bull S….We need to start seeing things as they are and stop beliving anything people say.

    i would say to the news paper they should follow up on this story and woman,,,not to pollute our young minds

  • anonymous

    yeah this is total bullshit how can anyone believe this? this isn’t news, it’s storytelling.

  • khumb’lani

    yes…she should go to Ebuhleni@iNanda,SA. She would definately get help,not only that she would also be “saved”,its time my sister and it is now…please dont ignore this.You have been called.SHEMBE IS THE AFRICAN MESIAH.

  • http://youtube felicia

    she only need jesus..she must believe in jesus and doctor jesus will help her nothing is impossible…with our father he is the king…

  • lindan

    I also have a strong agree to those who say she must go to EBUHLENI ONYAZINI LWEZULU IN DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA. Shembe has saved lots of such people with similar problems and sometime bigger than this one. And for my sister you will get help there so please listen to those who are telling you such truth.

  • minjin

    What a load of CR@P. Maybe this deluded woman should stop seeking attention with this attention-grabbing bullsh!T story or else get off the Swazi Gold. It is precisely this type of ridiculous claim that makes the whole of Africa the laughing stock of the world. and the fact that the Morning Star even gives this nonsense any airtime speaks volumes about the mindless level of journalism that they propogate. Idiot woman and irresponsible journalism.

  • emma

    what a load of rubbish, according to the story they flushed the snake away before it could get out of the toilet so how on earth have they managed to photograph it outside on the pavement!! what s**t