Talking monkey burnt to death

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Vervet monkeySuperstitious nit-wits in South Africa have burnt to death a Vervet monkey, believing it to be a witch.

An angry and idiotic mob gathered in a settlement west of Johannesburg last week chanting, “kill that witch” after chasing and catching a terrified monkey.

A witnessed described how he chased the supposed “talking monkey” up a tree because he was keen to hear the primate speak.

“I was curious to see this monkey that people claimed could talk, and when I saw a group of people chasing after it, I joined them,” Tebogo Moswetsi said.

“When it went up the tree, I climbed after it and brought it down because I was curious as I found it unbelievable that a monkey could talk.”

But Tebogo later expressed regret for his actions, which lead to the brutal murder of an innocent monkey.

“I feel guilty. I shouldn’t have taken it down from that tree” he whispered.

When Tebogo brought the primate down from the tree the crowd of gawkers became hateful and started calling for the monkey to be killed, because of its supposed links to black magic voodoo. The creature was snatched from Tebogo’s hands, thrown in a bucket and doused with petrol before being set alight and burnt to death.

“Someone struck a match. (The monkey) got out of the bucket and dropped down dead. They continued throwing stones at it,” Tebogo explained.

A local animal welfare group from Johannesburg have called on police to take action against the mindless scum.

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