Six-year-old mauled by leopard at Wichita zoo

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LeopardA first-grader on a school trip to a Wichita zoo last week was badly mauled by a leopard when he by-passed safety railings and got too close to the big cat.

Witnesses say that the young boy climbed a 1.2m railing and crossed a 2.4m safety gap between the fences to walk right up to the animals enclosure. Once he was close enough the leopard reached through the bars of its cage, grabbed the little boy’s head with its claw and tried dragging him into the cage.

A man and woman heard the boy’s screams and ran to his aid, the man kicking the leopard through the bars until it let go of its prey. The boy suffered lacerations to his head and neck, t-shirts were wrapped around his head to stop bleeding until paramedics arrived.

The boy was rushed to hospital where he is reported to be in a “fair condition”.

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