Woman attacked by pet python

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GypsyA woman in Kansas had to be saved by a police officer after her pet snake clamped its teeth into her neck and would not let go.

20-year-old Chrystal Wilson had taken the eight foot long albino serpent from its vivarium to feed it, when the aggravated reptile decided to make a meal of Wilson and clamped its jaws around her neck. A child who witnessed the attack called police and hero supercop officer Max Bryant arrived on the scene and leapt to the woman’s rescue without any thought for his own safety.

Officer Bryant managed to pry the snake’s jaws apart with his bare hands, freeing Wilson from its grip. Then in true supercop style officer Bryant gave Wilson a misdemeanor citation for harbouring a dangerous animal and she was ordered to remove the snake from her home.

Officer Bryant is due to receive a citation for bravery from the City Council.

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