’28 Weeks Later’ director on board for ‘Crow’ reboot

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The CrowSpanish film director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, who has barely done anything other than 2007′s 28 Weeks Later, has been hired to direct the new Crow movie.

The Crow reboot has been in the making for months and months now. Original director Stephen Norrington was fired from the project after his script (co-written with Nick Cave) was scrapped. Rapper ‘Marky’ Mark Wahlberg was offered the lead role, but fortunately ditched the project shortly after Norrington was sacked.

The film is back on track now, with the hiring of Fresnadillo, but the Nick Cave penned script has not been resurrected, according to the Hollywood Reporter a new writer will be brought in to write a brand new screenplay.

The new movie is not a sequel to the previous four Crow movies but a reboot of the franchise based on the comic created by James O’Barr about a dead rock musician who returns from the grave to carry out retribution on his murderers. The original movie adaptation from 1994 starred the late Brandon Lee, son of kung-fu ace Bruce Lee, who tragically died whilst filming it.

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