The Morningstarr* Top 42 Fitties

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The Morningstarr* Top 42 FittiesHello and welcome to the first ever Morningstarr* Top 42 Fitties readers poll.

Why 42 I hear you ask? Well because a simple top 10 would have been a bit pathetic, and everyone else does 100 so we wanted to be a bit different. 42 is a much more interesting number.

Well we asked our readers to submit their selections for the fittest females in the universe, and we did explicitly state females so all those people who voted for Johnny Depp, and more alarmingly, Philip Schofield, I’m afraid you wasted your vote. I don’t know if it was just the chance of winning a bottle of absinthe if you voted that drew so much interest but we ended up with almost 23,000 votes for over 250 different ladies. We’ve whittled that number down to the top 42 fitties who received the most votes, and we think you’ll find there are one or two big surprises on that list.

So, eyes down, look in and discover which lovely ladies made the grade. Follow the arrows to scroll through the results:
First: #42

Click here for the full list of results: Top 42 Fitties
Cubed earwax