Dutch girl attacked by snake on TV

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Ymke WieringaA reality TV stunt went wrong this week when a young woman was attacked by a large snake and hospitalised.

Ymke Wieringa was appearing on Dutch TV show Real Girls in the Jungle which is a bit like celebrities in the jungle but without the celebrities. The girls on the show are challenged to compete against each other in scary tasks.

Ms Wieringa volunteered to open a box containing a large snake, but the snake appears to mistake the contestant for food and strikes at her, clamping it’s teeth into her hand and coiling around her arm.

Four crew members run over to try and prize the green anaconda off Ms Wieringa’s arm whilst other shocked contestants stand nearby like slack-jawed gawkers.

The snake was non-venomous but Ms Wieringa’s hand was extremely swollen so she was taken to hospital and kept in for observation.

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