Woman bites off her husband’s penis and then kills him

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Pairoj FarkgaiA senior member of the Thai Ministry of Defence has had his penis bitten off before being stabbed to death.

47-year-old Pairoj Farkgai was found dead at the home of his estranged wife Mali Siritham, who was also injured. Police attended the scene after Ms Siritham’s father made an emergency call.

Police Investigator Lieutenant Colonel Bumrung Rakbumrungsakul told local press that the police answered a call made at 00:30 on 19th December made by Mr. Viroj Siritham. Mr Siritham reported that his daughter had bitten the penis off her husband and then stabbed him to death with a knife, he reported that his daughter had also been stabbed in the arm.

Lieutenant Colonel Bumrung said investigators attending the scene discovered Mr Farkgai lying dead in a pool of blood in the front bedroom wearing just a pair of shorts, he had a single stab wound to his abdomen. Investigators found bloodstains on the bed and part of Mr Farkgai’s reproductive organ on the floor nearby. Ms Siritham was found lying on the floor with a knife wound in her right arm, she was taken to hospital for treatment. A knife with a three-inch blade was also discovered at the scene.

Ms Siritham explained to cops that she and her husband had been living apart for the past seven months due to her husband’s alleged infidelity, but he visited regularly to see his two daughters. Ms Siritham told investigators that on the night of the incident Mr Farkgai arrived at the house drunk and demanded sex.

Ms Siritham had refused to have sex with her husband saying she was menstruating but her husband then demanded anal sex which Ms Siritham also refused. Mr Farkgai is then alleged to have forced Ms Siritham onto the bed and forced her to perform oral sex on him, that is when the wife decided to bite off her husband’s tallywhacker.

Following the oral castration Mr Farkgai allegedly grabbed the knife and stabbed his wife in the arm, the couple then fought for the knife and Ms Siritham wrestled it from her husband and stabbed him in the abdomen. Mr Farkgai then bled to death on the floor and Ms Siritham raised the alarm.

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  • Roberta Gray

    No means No. He had to learn the HARD way.

  • huMANity

    This is typical feminist violence. No means no? So if I don’t agree with you that women are not equal to men, that their place is in the kitchen and not in the boardroom, and that they don’t deserve equal pay, and you disagree with me, all I have to do is bite off your nipple? Is that it? Freedom for men!!! Freedom from Feminazism!

  • Sandy

    1. He shouldn’t have been anywhere near her with his pants off.
    2. He shouldn’t have been drunk.
    3. He should have kept his penis to himself.

    If he had not been drunk when he arrived, had kept his pants on and his penis to himself, he would still be alive with his member attached.

  • Dave

    boy she was pissed huh?……as Loretta Lyn said “”Don’t come home a drinkin with lovin on your mind”….gives new meaning to the song …lol..

  • mudwizard

    I’m SO proud of the woman in this story for defending herself.

    humanity – you’re seriously defending a rapist who stabbed a woman? you’re an idiot. he deserved EXACTLY what he got. I sincerely wish more cases of rape and assault with a weapon would end like this.

  • http://aol maryanne

    ‘m against violence, however, no means no! i hope men will learn from this incident. Stop cheating, the infidelity rate would definetly reduce. once a man is married, he should respect the marital agreement. he should not betrayed his wife for another woman/women.Beside, being in the medical field, one can never be sure of who has std/not. Beware, the world is not black and white anymore! Be safe everyone, and have a Happy New Year 2012. GOD BLESS ALL!

  • Dave

    if you’re calling me an idiot you better read the post again..I did not defend him I think he was an asshole and deserved exactly what he got….just that song came to mind…

  • http://www.themorningstarr.co.uk Earl Morningstarr

    It’s OK Dave, I don’t think that was aimed at you.

  • Dave

    oh okay lol….HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE>>>>P.S. Be Kind to someone tommorrow…start the year out right..

  • Cookie

    Good for her. What goes around comes around!


    Ever heard of ‘PMS’? He undoubtedly has asked her before & she has complied. This time was different because of the infidelity issue, her ‘PMS’ made her into a maniac.

  • Dave

    No means no…and if you’re seperated, there is a reason…you don’t show up at the door of your soon to be ex– then demand oral sex or any other type…especially when you’re drunk…No means no… PMS…I doubt it..more than likely she was the victim of repeated and long standing abuse..I don’t blame her…and I am a man…I’ve been married for 43 years…and always respected the boundries of “No”…Sex and love are supposed to be a 50/50 deal…not 99% and 1%..get a grip..how would you feel if your..(other half-or whatever made you perform without you wanting to..??..) or are you just the weak submissive type that has no regard for your own feelings and space?…

  • Bill

    So since he came home drunk and demanded sex it was okay to bite off his penis. But what happens when your wife comes home drunk and demands sex. Calls you another mans name then attacks you when you wont have sex with her. I never once thought of hurting my wife no matter how violent she was or drunk, but now I realize vengeance is the only way ( according to women). So the next time this happens I guess I should put a cherry bomb in her vag lite the fuse and walk away. That will tech her right.