More witch burnings in Ghana

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WitchThis week a 72-year-old grandmother was burned to death in the street after confessing to witchcraft.

Assistant Police Commissioner Augustine Gyening of the Tema Regional Police in Ghana told reporters that on the morning of 20th November a mob gathered around 72-year-old Ama Hemmah and used torture to extract a confession from the woman.

Once the elderly woman had confessed she was doused with kerosene and set alight in the street. A passing student nurse, Deborah Pearl Adumoah rescued the old woman from the baying crowd and took her to the police station. Madam Hemmah was then transferred to the local hospital but died the following day.

Five people, including an evangelist preacher have been arrested for Madam Hemmah’s torture and murder but they deny the charges.

55-year-old Pastor Samuel Fletcher Sagoe denies killing Madam Hemmah and told police investigators that after the confession of witchcraft the group simply anointed the victim with oil and prayed in an attempt to exorcise her demon. The pastor insists that the oil caught fire by accident.

The case has been referred to the Attorney-General’s Department.

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