Naked man on magic mushrooms had a mouse jammed up his anus

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Noah SmithA naked man, thought to be under the influence of magic mushrooms was arrested on Saturday night after committing a burglary.

Police attending the scene discovered 24-year-old Noah Smith of South Carolina stark bollock naked and behaving erratically. The officers required pepper-spray, tasers and batons to restrain Smith who resisted arrest violently. Even after being restrained Smith continued to resist police and he had to be shackled and strapped to a stretcher so paramedics could take him to the emergency room.

At the hospital things became even more bizarre, medics noticed an electrical cord dangling from Smith’s bunghole. An X-ray revealed that Smith had a computer mouse jammed inside his rectum.

Police charged Smith with burglary, indecent exposure, resisting arrest and assault he is currently in being held in Oconee County jail and denies any memory of the events.

The Smoking Gun has the arrest report.

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