Car that runs on poo-poo

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Bio-bugBoffins in Bristol have developed the world’s first poop-powered car which is fuelled using human excrement.

The Bio-Bug is a Volkswagen Beetle that runs off the methane gas which is produced during sewage treatment. The gas is captured and bottled up so it can be used as fuel and not simply dispersed into the atmosphere, like when you or I drop our guts.

The designers at GENeco obviously plumped for the classic dung Beetle because of it’s connections with poo.

“The choice of car was inspired by students who took part in a workshop.” Mohammed Saddiq from GENeco explains.

“They thought it would be appropriate that the poo-powered car should be the classic VW Beetle Bug because bugs naturally breakdown waste at sewage works to start the treatment process which goes on to produce the energy.”

Besides the obvious eco-friendly benefits of the poo-mobile the difference with the Bio-Bug is the makers say it is the only methane fuelled car which doesn’t lose performance. The Bio-Bug is actually dual-fuelled and relies on unleaded petrol to get started and the gas kicks in when the engine is at the correct running temperature. If the gas were to run out the car reverts back to using petrol.

The Bio-Bug has a top speed of 114mph, which is totally illegal in the UK anyway and need only be 70mph, and it can go for 10,000 miles on the strength of the turds from just 70 homes.

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