Wisconsin Cricket Spitting Contest

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Cricket spittingWednesday saw the annual cricket spitting contest held at the Jefferson County Fair in Wisconsin.

Dozens of competitors stepped up to take part in the event where a dead, frozen insect is spat from the mouth and the person who spits the bug the greatest distance wins a prize.

This year the gold was taken by Mike Morateck, who has perfected a technique for his cricket spitting.

“Pick a big cricket – the heavier the cricket, the further it goes. Put the cricket in your mouth, feet first on its back with the head pointing out because you don’t want the legs dragging on the way out. Then take a big breath through the nose – otherwise you eat the cricket – and let it fly.” Morateck explained.

The 46-year-old has degrees in nuclear medicine and ultrasound technology, but conceded that there were probably better cricket spitters than him.

“I’m sure there are better cricket spitters than me, but I’ve got a lot of hot air.”

Morateck managed to spit his cricket an impressive 21 feet and 2 inches which earned him the gold medal in the adult category. But the best spitter on the day was actually 14-year-old Tristan Zimmermann who won the juniors category by spitting his cricket a whopping 24 feet and 1 inch.

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