World Stinging Nettle Eating Championships

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Nettle eatingYesterday saw the annual Nettle Eating Championship held the Bottle Inn pub in Marshwood, Dorset.

The history of the contest goes back to the mid-1980s when local farmers began a ‘Longest Stinging Nettle’ contest to see who could grow the longest stem of nettles. In 1989 a 15′ 6″ long stinging nettle was entered into the contest and the owner boasted that if anyone could find a longer stem of nettles he would eat his! A 16′ stem was found and the eating challenge was born. Over the years the contest has transformed into a full blown competitive eating event where competitors go head to head to see who can consume the largest amount of stinging nettles, which are measured by length.

This year Sam Cunningham, a fishmonger from Somerset won the contest by guzzling 74′ feet of the eye watering weed.

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