‘Diaper Boy’ found guilty

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Barton Bagnes32 year old Barton Bagnes, AKA Diaper Boy has been found guilty of sexual exploitation of a minor and two counts of lewdness involving a child after he exposed the Sesame Street themed nappy he was wearing to a group of children.

Bagnes has quite a chequered history in his home town in Utah, he was placed on the sex offenders register back in 2000 for the same kind of stunt he was found guilty of again this week. Bagnes wears nappies with the Sesame Street character Elmo printed on them, and wanders around finding groups of young children and then pulls his trousers down and shows his nappy off to them.

The 5′ 3″ Bagnes explained to defence attorney Kimberley Clark during the trial that he had suffered from urinary incontinence since he was a young boy and had started wearing nappies daily after leaving high school. Although there are adult nappies available on the market Bagnes has always worn Pampers size 7 Cruisers nappies which are only designed for large or fat toddlers. Despite Bagnes’ small stature and the nappy’s larger than average size the convicted sex offender still requires extra duct tape to secure the Elmo emblazoned nappies to himself.

Due to Bagnes’ incontinence issues, learning difficulties, diminutive size and fondness of wearing nappies his parents say he was mercilessly bullied all through his childhood. Bagnes has claimed that because of the bullying he endured for being a bed wetter and nappy wearer he now offers children support by showing them that there isn’t anything to be ashamed of if you wear nappies, he then shows them that even at 32 years old, he still wears them.

Police in Bagnes’ hometown of Holladay, Utah have been frustrated for years that they cannot imprison the oddball. Because Bagnes never actually exposes his reproductive organs to the young kids it has proven difficult to prosecute him. That changed last May when Bagnes was arrested after he showed his nappy to a pair of girls aged eight years old, but on top of revealing his Elmo nappy Bagnes had also been distributing homemade leaflets to the children which had images of babies in nappies and written in crayon the addresses to websites which hosted sexually explicit images of children with strategically placed stars hiding their genitals.

That was enough for the police to charge Bagnes and also enough for a jury to convict him on all counts. Sentencing is due to take place next month and Bagnes could face up to 15 years in gaol.

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  • craig

    that’s some weird shit. good thing he’s being put away.

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