Suicide by elevator

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An Indian man working in the United Arab Emirates has killed himself in an unusual and macabre manner.

The unnamed 30 year old worked at a residential building in the Buhaira Corniche area of Sharjah as a maintenance engineer on the elevators. On the 4th June the man tied a rope around his neck and climbed into the lift shaft below a stationary elevator, he then attached the other end of the rope to the underside of the elevator and stood waiting for someone to send it up the 43 storey building.

It was three days before his body was eventually discovered, in that time his lifeless carcass had been hoisted up and down the lift shaft countless times, getting crushed and mangled in the elevator gears and bashed into a bloody pulp in the pit of the lift shaft.

In the suicide note which accompanied the man’s twisted remains he explained that he had killed himself because the company he worked for had not paid him for the past six months and his family back in India were facing financial ruin.

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