Ritual Murderers Cut Off Old Man’s Tongue And Penis

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Philemon Mfanyana NhlengeniLocals in a small town in Swaziland are shocked and appalled by the recent murder and mutilation of a bedridden 86 year old man in the area.

Philemon Mfanyana Nhlengeni was dragged from his bed at around 22:30 Wednesday night by two intruders who broke into his home. The two men, who were carrying large knives burst into the house and threatened to kill anyone who didn’t comply with their demands. A relative of Mr Nhlengeni was also in the house with him, but she hid in fear and didn’t shout for help in case she was killed by the two intruders.

The witness, who wishes to remain anonymous for her own protection told The Times newspaper in Swaziland how the two men tied a metal chain around Mr Nhlengeni’s neck and dragged him from his bed. Despite being unable to walk Mr Nhlengeni was forced out of the house and dragged around 15m from the door. The witness still cowering inside watched from a window as the two men began hacking at Mr Nhlengeni with their knives whilst shouting insults at him.

“I was hiding in the other bedroom and I believe they did not know someone else was in the house. I think it will take me time to heal from what I saw yesterday night. He chopped off his private parts,” she said.

Police arrived at the scene to find that Mr Nhlengeni’s tongue and genitals had been hacked off by the killers, they are investigating the lead that a traditional healer, or witchdoctor was responsible for ordering the victim’s ritual murder.

The family appealed to the nation to assist them towards the burial of the late Philemon Mfanyana Nhlengeni. He leaves behind 15 children.

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  • Jeff

    It sounds like a sexually motivated ritual killing. I wonder if he was sticking his bits into something he shouldn’t have been.