Rael Invites All Raelians and Non-Raelians, Especially Muslims, to Make Caricatures of Himself

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RaelThe leader of the Raelian Movement has spoken out about the recent controversy surrounding a Facebook page set up for people to draw caricatures of the prophet Muhammad.

Rael, who says he has personally met Muhammad in 1975 when he was transported to another planet by aliens, is encouraging everyone to make caricatures of all religious figures including himself. A new Facebook page will be set up so people can submit their creative handiwork.

“I ask all freedom lovers to create and publish drawings of any god, Allah or Elohim, and also of any prophet, including caricatures of myself, since they always make me laugh,” declared Rael.

“This is something religious fanatics forget: we have been created to laugh.”

“Freedom of expression for artists must never be limited,” he added.

“Besides, we don’t have an actual photo of the real Muhammad, so nobody can say if it’s him or not when someone draws a caricature.”

Rael made a point of stating that if Muslims wish to follow the rule that they cannot create an image of their prophet that is entirely up to them, but non-Muslims are not compelled to comply with such beliefs.

“Any Muslim can make a drawing of Jesus or Buddha,” he said.

“Freedom of expression must be absolute and free from any censorship.”

“Rael is the only one on Earth able to accurately describe the prophet Muhammad, since he was introduced to him when he visited our Creators’ planet in 1975,” said Dr. Brigitte Boisselier, spokesperson of the International Raelian Movement.

“Rael describes his time there with all the prophets, including Moses, Jesus and Buddha, as full of humor and laughter. No doubt Muhammad would also love to laugh at caricatures made of himself.”

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  • Columbia57

    What a wonderful idea…!
    I love laughting thanks to caricatures…!

  • http://www.rael.org andreoulis ( raelian)

    Thank you Rael to let people free, it is love !!!
    Love is the only way to save our planet.