Spider bites woman’s boob off

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Brown recluse spider

Brown recluse spider

A woman in Georgia, United States is recovering after having a breast removed due to a spider bite.

Victoria Franklin noticed small lumps on her breast back on Easter Sunday, but didn’t bother seeking any medical help as she didn’t believe a small spider’s bite could be so devastating. Franklin persevered with a painful mammary for five days until her breast turned black and began smelling, at which point she called a friend for help.

Franklin was taken to Wellstar Windy Hill Hospital in Marietta, Georgia where she slipped into an 11 day coma. Doctors identified the spider bite as being from a brown recluse spider, also known as a violin spider due to the recognisable markings on it’s back. The brown recluse bite causes painful necrotizing ulcers, and by the time Franklin made it to hospital her breast had succumbed to gangrene and had to be removed.

Despite waking after 11 days in a coma to discover her left breast missing Franklin says she is just happy to be alive.

This graphic image shows the result of a brown recluse spider’s deadly bite.

Brown Recluse Spider Bite

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