Joey Chestnut’s Pee Will Be Smelly Today

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The world number one competitive eater has triumphed at yesterday’s Stockton Asparagus Festival by guzzling 8lbs 7oz of fried asparagus in just ten minutes, as hundreds cheered the local hero on.

“It was a great contest,” Joey Chestnut said.

“The crowd was definitely on my side so I definitely was able to push harder than everybody else, I think.”

Chestnut has won the World Deep Fried Asparagus Eating Championship five times now and holds the record at 8lbs 8oz, which he very nearly matched at yesterday’s event. The champion eater was especially keen to win this year as he lost his title last year to Pat Bertoletti, who came third at this year’s event.

Ben Monson took second place with 6lbs 13oz, Bertoletti only managed a straight 6lbs.

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