Geordie Pantsman breaks world record for most underpants worn at the same time

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That’s pantsman, not postman.

51 year old Gary Craig from Whitburn in South Tyneside has set the brand new world record for wearing the most pairs of underpants by slipping on an amazing 211 pairs of undercrackers.

Guinness World of Records have yet to verify the record, but it looks like it’s only the bureaucracy that stands between the self titled Geordie Pantsman and his world record breaking crown. Backed by local press and the two charities he’s helping support Tynesider and underpants fan Gary Craig dazzled a crowd of spectators at Dusk nightclub in South Shields last night as he performed his remarkable achievement.

Gary was inspired to break the record after seeing some half-wit on YouTube wearing dozens of t-shirts all at once and decided he’d like to do a similar thing but with loads of pairs of Y-fronts. After doing a little research Gary discovered that a television host in Australia had already set an existing record for wearing 200 pairs of undies.

So the challenge was set, Gary needed to break the 200 mark and decided to have a target of 211 pairs of knickers.

“I wanted to really crack it and give the Australians something to think about. I deliberately went one over the 10 just to make sure.” Gary said.

After finishing the event Gary told fans he was feeling a bit sore but still confident.

“I felt like if I’d had more pants I could have carried on” he said.

Gary undertook the challenge in aid of St. Simon’s Drop in Centre for the unemployed and underprivileged in South Shields, of which he is chairperson and also to raise cash for Cancer Connections, a local charity providing practical help and support to cancer sufferers, their families and friends. You can still donate to these worthy causes by visiting Gary’s website: Geordie Pantsman.

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