Teenage girl caught having sex with dog — black magic blamed

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Stray dogA woman in Namibia has spoken to local press about finding her 17 year old daughter engaging in sexual intercourse with a stray dog.

The girl’s name has been withheld due to her being under 18 and allegedly mentally challenged, but the mother told reporters in Katima Mulilo that she found her daughter around midnight on Friday crying in pain whilst a stray dog mounted her. The mother believes it is the work of black magic.

“I heard agony sounds outside by the gate and upon inspection I found my daughter fully naked and stuck with a dog. I was confused and shocked because she was screaming in pain” the woman explained.

Relatives of the girl have said that she has been suffering from a mental illness which forced her to drop out of high school last year, but the mother insists the daughter has been bewitched by a former lover. When she discovered her daughter with the dog she first called the police, and then called her brother when the police failed to show up.

The uncle of the teenage girl was disgusted by the incident, he killed and buried the dog the next day, but he remains critical of the girl’s mother saying she should be getting the girl proper medical help and not relying on tradition healers to exorcise demons.

“It is an uncommon act in our culture or region that a living being is sexually attracted to an animal and a dog for that matter. It makes me sick to imagine such an incident,” he said

Detective Chief Inspector Sacky Burger from the Katima Mulilo police told journalists that he had no record of a bestiality report.

“This is the first time I am hearing of such an incident since my tenure in the region. It was never reported with us,” said Inspector Burger.

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  • Dec87

    The policeman’s called Inspector Burger! :lol:

  • http://Orji.gozie@yahoo.com Orji

    The should something about the police

  • Animal_Lover

    killed the dog?! WTF?! first off, nothings wrong with her, she just likes to get freaky. secondly, people have been having sex with animals for thousands of years! that’s not about to change now, what should change however is peoples attitudes towards beastiality. the main argument has always been that animals can’t consent to sex, that is false. they can and do consent and even enjoy it! many people enjoy sex with animals, I am one of them. the internet is allowing us to find each other and to see that we’re not the only ones and we’re not all that “weird” after all. zoophiles unite!!!


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    I’m with animal lover.

    Ain’t nuttin’ wrong with a bit o canine lovin.

    Hell my daschund gets it most every night.

  • Jonah

    Killed the dog??? And punished the girl?

    The people that agree that this was the best way of handling this are sick in the head.

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  • Mike

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    To make this world a better place, people having sex with animals should be taken to the sychiatry for checkup. If there is no solution to it, they should be banned from associating with normal(healthy) human if not there will be high record of “Human animal”.
    The government should not consider such as interest and freedom to human.

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  • Neil

    Theoretically speaking, beastiality is non-existant. Humans are classified as animals, as are dogs. Cross-breeding occurs more often than not in the animal kingdom.

  • epicsuz

    hey everyone who thinnks that they should have not of killed the dog becuz look he probably didnt hurt her did it say she had blood on her i dont think so she just got a bit scared! ppl these days where did life go ! oh and by the way names suzie but call me suz



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  • Lexer

    He killed the dog!?!?! It wasn’t the poor dogs fault! It Was the girls ideah of having sex with it! Not once ever has it been the dogs fault! That guy is sick a should be arrested for animal abuse! P.s. The girl doesn’t need medical help! I know about this stuff, my sister was put into a mental hospital because my parents were convinced by her school that the drawing she drew of people hanging their selves and getting arrows shot threw them ment she wanted to kill herself! When really it was just some drawing she drew and they didn’t mean anything! I swear, That poor girl is probably sitting in a mental hospital right now knowing herself, that nothing is wrong with her.

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