Giant George Is Officially The World’s Tallest Dog

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Giant GeorgeGuinness World of Records have officially recognised a Great Dane from Arizona as the brand new title holder of the World’s Tallest Dog.

Giant George has been given the title after Guinness sent their own official adjudicator to verify the claims that he measures 109cm from paw to shoulder, beating the previous record holder Titan by a mere 1.3cm.

George’s full statistics are 109cm from paw to shoulder, 220cm from nose to tail and weighing in at 111kg.

Titan took the title back in November last year, after the previous record holder, Gibson sadly died. Gibson was the exact same height as Titan, so George had them both beaten, his personal website boasts that George is not only the world’s tallest living dog but also the world’s tallest dog ever!

Find out more about George and see images and videos of him at his website: Giant George

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