Snake with a human head found in Malaysia

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Snake with a human headIt’s over 5,000 miles from Greece but residents from Pahang in Malaysia claim to have found a Gorgon, like the famed Medusa.

The strange creature, which has the body of a snake and the head of a human, was reportedly captured by Malaysian aborigines. The story goes that the men spotted two of the beasts, one male and one female, but only managed to catch the female. Witnesses claimed that the creature initially begged to be released back into the mountains, others say it was trying to summon the male monster to come and rescue it.

In Greek mythology Gorgons are hideous women often portrayed with live snakes for hair and a serpent’s body, one look into the eyes of a Gorgon is supposed to turn you to stone. The specimen on display in Pahang appears to be the coiled up body of a python with a human head and little skinny arms, news of the bizarre animal quickly circulated and people began paying good money to view the beast, which sadly turned out to be dead, the so called ‘snake monster’ has not been verified.

Here is the video footage of the creature that was passed to the Malaysian press.

Cubed earwax
  • Joy

    If this was a living creature,why would anyone, even the Malaysian people allow it to die? If this is a real creature, you would do your best to keep it alive and find out more about it and it’s mate, not kill it or allow it to die, that would be foolish. So showing something that’s dead…well you know the answer to that.

  • blah blah blah


  • Zeeb

    I´ve never seen a human, animal creature or whatever, that would stay still in a pose after it dies, really funny idiots

  • Hmmmm……

    i thought when we see it we turn into stone,not the other way round.

  • Martin

    Can they at least autopsy it, study the bones, do tests etc to at least try and verify it’s real or not.

    It looks like a model made with clay or something then filmed.

  • prem

    this is not called what u are named. it’s different!!!!!!!! the snake lady not like this,,i can’t tell more!!!

  • nanana

    i think that there”s no such thing as this creature that exist in this earth…………

  • Jay

    Ohhh… great….
    please save this snake if this is.
    and research about it.

  • Michael

    Kind of hard to call something with legs a snake. There’s a word for that. Lizard.

  • Earl Morningstarr

    What about lizards that don’t have legs?

  • raghu

    i thought that is god. that is nagaraju

  • raghu

    that is hindus god

  • Agni

    no way no no no this is a fake no way i dont believe that did u made it with ur creativity to become famous

  • Ravi

    We are in 21st century. Do you think that an investigation is impossible? There might have been one and the result is kept a secret. Who uploaded this video in youtube and from which location is not a secret. The internet websites bears no sole proprietorship of a community or an individual. The girl turned snake for kicking quran or the hindu god turned snake is not important. It’s important for the person having guts to come up and claim the responsibility of uploading this video. Dare you to say” I have uploaded this video and have all the evidance with me”. Better make your own website and publishit with authentic claim. Where are the religious websites operators who spend their times in maintaining their contents/uploads. We are just wasting our times.

  • Kira

    I think it’s called a Naga. Named by Japanese I think.

  • Charles Barnard

    Snake body w/ human head is NOT a “gorgon.”

    A gorgon is a human with snakes for hair–way different.

    Video quality + the fact that they don’t show the junction well, means no way to verify anything–head doesn’t look human.

  • Earl Morningstarr
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  • http://google Piijay

    OMG..never seen such a it real??
    It’s better to keep and do research about it.

  • eL

    its so funny, creature posting after life…booo

  • bobby

    it may sound strange but but this video was sent to mobiles in jarkhand a north Indian state close to Bangladesh in Muslim community via mobile that this is a child who was punished by god [Allah] for kicking quran and insulting him in their neighborhood village – so god has turned the child to half snake . this video was sent to their friends in kerala [ south Indian state] who are working as cooks who showed this to us

    see how news are re manipulated for some other profit – but good i had chance to know the fact – bobby

  • Sophia

    Can’t they do autopsy on it?

  • Pryon

    Wow, 21st century and people still falling for this old gag. It’s just a bit of creative taxidermy. Looks like some mammal, probably a monkey that’s had most it’s fur removed while longer hair (likely wig hair) is stitched to the head (for length) then it’s torso was attached to a snake. It’s a very old trick. look up mermaid mummies to see others of the same style.

  • rizabeth

    kinda looks scary~!!!

  • Dasari Ragavendra

    in hindus five, seven, ten & twelve headed snakes are mean to god. subramanyaswara hindu mythlogical stories, when snake live for 1000 years it receives some powers,hichadari nag (wishfull snake), like nagkanya ( snakewoman ),mani (wish diamond ),actually snake live for some 1000years mean it is not with food. it is just with joddi ( male&female ) mates. if we seprate joddi we will get very much badluck.why because it cann’t live for a second, it die when we seprate joddi.

  • Sophia

    It’s Hoax or fake.. or scientists have examine it? Snake with a human headIt’s over 5,000 miles from Greece but residents from Pahang in Malaysia claim to have found a Gorgon, like the famed Medusa.


    The publishing of this information on the Internet has brought clarity to people in Liberia (mainly Monrovia), this creature was describe as a creature from one of the highest mountain of Liberia (Wologizi) A creature which is said to be traditionally responsible for the mountain resources. however the story says that the creature need some sacrifices before releasing the mountain. This is it that it has been found in Malaysia unfortunately has die…..

  • gauthier

    Everybody can see that it is about a prey in the mouth of a snake, these Malaysians are loan of sensational because their life is monotonous and are deceitful in to persuade us that this creature which are two the prey known snake and the snake make only one cursed are they to let suffer a captured animal and at the point of death. Cursed are they of such a disastrous show!

  • gauthier

    I hate this people who can eat their dogs ! have look at this video and you will be able to see the suffering of an animal being eaten by a snake, just to do sensational basterd

  • gauthier

    I will denounce this web video to the animal protection and the website that allows such suffering. That god punishes
    you for so much cruelty

  • Don pedro ejias

    So how come this video was claimed that it happened in Nigeria, delta state in d city of warri? This is pepostrous.

  • http://twitter kety importa

    i believe that the snacke is really

  • revvy monty

    Definitely a fake in malaysia ,a myth in india nd hindu religion nd a hoax in delta nigeria.but I ask dis .wat happened in malaysia 2010?wat was found?I believe sometin was found.

  • Abraham

    Do you all know this fairy had almost ruined an hotel in Delta state Nigeria. Where group of evil doer claimed a lady (portrait as a sex hawker )to have turned into this awful image in thesame hotel,displaying this same picture and a video. It almost caused the hotel been burnt down by angry mobs. Pls let’s all who re involved in this act of desseminating evil report decease fom such,less nemesis will catch up with such persons

  • http://you-tibe jenny

    This is totally ridiculous and as a matter of fact. Superstitious. I can’t believ that this such disastrous stories still exist in the 21st century. It’s way beyond my comprehension. The story is as fake and flake as fake can ever be. Pple now spill out shit!!!

  • kingsley

    this is real caught same fin in Nigeria at AkwaIbom State

  • umar

    This has nothing to do with civilization or 21 century. Quran and Bible tell us existance of demon. Therefore they can transform to different shape.

  • Anna Rhodes

    Because this is definitely real… :/ come on.

  • malaysiagirl

    i am pure malaysian… n i dont think its in malaysia… the people in the video are not speaking in malay….because i dont undersatand a single word they are saying…i think its more like thai or any other asian country… please do not blame malaysian for animal cruelty….

  • Leia

    C’mon people, learn more about Malaysia before u guys start talking stupid stuffs. Obviously the video is not from Malaysia, they were talking in Indonesian. You guys need to learn more about people around the world.

  • ahil

    looks like the phyton mouth attached on a scary head handmade doll, doesnt look logical to me. fake

  • http://google.con damian


  • pujolz

    Damn, it found in indonesia bro not in malaysia!!

  • Andrew Uganda

    There is a story going around in uganda about a woman who turned into a snake. Amazingly, the newspaper circulating that story is using those same pictures you have here. I have come to believe that it is a fake story

  • Mama

    I heard that the creature was found in nigeria bauchi killed people that comes across the way,and then they is a project going on in d area.killing atleast 2 foreigners which they later discover it and poured acid on it and left with it.but 2 may suprise, they claimed that it was found in malaysia .what a lie pls tell d real story and how it happen the world have many and dif creatures which ah above our expectations

  • john cummings

    This is cruel. Why not live and let live. If it begged to be let go, let it go to its partner. After all what wrong has it done? Would you like your wife to be captured then die? This video is so cruel, the poor thing looks exhausted, terrified and traumatised. Shame on all of you for treating another living creature like this. May GOD give you your just punishment! Shame and a disgrace!

    And Damian or whatever your name is don’t call Hindu people stupid. Evidently whatever your religion is has not taught you how to respect other people and their beliefs. Even if you are a Christian you are still a nigger!

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