Man Possessed By Demon In Ohio Church ~ Worshipers Attacked

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PossessedWorshipers at a church in LaGrange, Ohio have been telling police how a local man became possessed by demons and attacked them during Bible Study.

The congregation at the LaGrange Church of God were attacked by local man John Andel on 20th January, Andel began convulsing and wailing! He then started kicking and punching a couple of Christians sat in the pew in front of him. Worshipers were quick to conclude that the 24 year old was clearly under the influence of Satan, or one of his little imps.

Churchgoers quickly pinned the possessed man to the floor until the police arrived. Andel was restrained and charged with two counts of assault and one count of disorderly conduct. Police say that Andel stunk of booze, his mom says it was just a seizure.


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