Woman Castrates And Decapitates Son

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A 42 year old woman from South Kolkata, India has confessed to slicing her 13 year old son’s penis off with a scythe and then beheading the boy.

Police report that Anjana Maity confessed to carrying out the gruesome murder due to depression following her husband deserting her. Anjana’s husband Ranjit Maity is allegedly having an affair, Mrs Maity claims that her husband threatened to set her and their son, Somnath on fire if they did not leave him.

Mrs Maity and Somnath moved into a rented room almost two years ago, following a visit to Mrs Maity’s hometown of Chanditala in East Midnapore last weekend the pair returned to their rented accommodation on Monday night and Mrs Maity attacked her son as he slept. At around 04:30 Tuesday morning Mrs Maity emasculated her son as he slept and then decapitated him using the same blade.

At 06:00 Mrs Maity’s landlord discovered her sat on the front doorstep covered in blood, when the landlord enquired what had happened Mrs Maity made a full confession. The landlord ventured into Mrs Maity’s rented room and found Somnath’s headless and castrated body under a blanket.

The police have arrested Mrs Maity and she will remain on remand for 14 days. When police officers searched the property they discovered the murder weapon, a scythe, in Mrs Maity’s handbag.


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