Black Market Baby Racket Busted

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Black market babiesA baby selling syndicate in Malaysia has been busted by police and five babies rescued.

15 people have been arrested, including two mothers following raids at three separate locations in Malaysia. Two prospective couples who were trying to purchase babies were also caught in the raids.

Malaysian authorities believe that women were smuggled into Malaysia illegally from the Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia and local aborigine men were paid to impregnate them. The syndicate is thought to have been run by a professional doctor who had his own clinic where the babies were delivered, the Malaysian CID are still searching for the doctor who went into hiding following the earlier arrests.

All five of the rescued babies are reported to be in good health and will be cared for by the State.

Head of the operation, Datuk Seri Bakri Zinin said that the babies were being sold for as little as £2,700, and the mothers were being paid about 350 quid, depending on the quality of the babies.

“The syndicate would claim that the babies were not up to the buyers’ standards and as the child did not fetch the expected price, the mothers were paid lower fees.

“Further investigations also showed that local men, especially orang asli (aborigines), were also paid by the syndicate to ‘produce’ the babies with the foreign women,” Bakri told the Malaysian Star.


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