Prostitutes Stealing Kidneys In Malaysia

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KidneyTwo cases have been reported in Malaysia of men having their kidneys stolen after visiting prostitutes.

Michael Chong, head of the Malaysian and Chinese Association Public Service and Complaints Bureau told the Malay Mail today that two people have contacted him to report missing organs after visiting prostitutes.

The first report came from a man who claimed a “friend” had visited a prostitute in Johor Baru, South Malaysia and woke up in a bath tub full of ice with stitches in his abdomen.

“The caller claimed that a handphone was placed next to his friend so he could call for medical help. He also claimed that the friend’s waist also had stitch marks,” Chong said.

In the second reported incident the alleged victim awoke at a bus stop with bags of ice around his waist and a recently sewn up wound in his abdomen, after visiting a prostitute for sex. Again a mobile phone was left at the scene with instructions to call for medical assistance.

Mr Chong has appealed for both callers to get back in touch with him.

“I cannot verify these cases; nor can I assist them if they do not come forward. I am anxious to know if these are authentic. It is my responsibility to find out the truth as we do not want more people to fall victim to this scam, should it exist,” Mr Chong said.

“To dismiss such cases would be wrong as these happen regularly in the Phillipines, India and China,” he added.


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