Chestnut Defeated At Flauta Eating Event

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Ben Monson

Ben Monson

In what’s being referred to as “the biggest upset in competitive eating history” world number one competitive eater Joey Chestnut was crushed in defeat at the first ever World Flauta-Eating Contest.

22 year old Ben Monson, ranked at just 24th by the International Federation of Competitive Eating stormed to victory at yesterdays competitive eating event held at Jose’s Mexican Restaurant in La Jolla, Ca.

Monson gorged himself on 65 one and a half ounce chicken flautas in just eight minutes, beating Chestnut into second place with his miserable effort of just 56 flautas. Jose’s famous chicken flautas comprise of shredded chicken wrapped in a flour tortilla and deep fried to a crispy golden brown. They sound delicious.

Chestnut was the firm favourite to win at yesterday’s event, his defeat shocked the legions of fans who turned up to watch the greedy athlete work his magic. The announcer described it as the biggest upset in competitive eating history, and referring to Monson he said “never since the birth of my first son have I ever been so proud of a young man,”.



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