Student Mutilates Cat And Uses Organs As Fishing Bait

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A law enforcement student in Ohio allegedly killed a pet cat and used it’s internal organs as bait.

18 year old Bryan Able is accused of kidnapping a domestic pet cat, killing it and then mutilating it’s corpse. The cats internal organs were then used as fishing bait and it’s remains dumped on the bonnet of another student’s car at the Hocking College campus where Able is studying.

Saundra Harvey from the Humane Society gave a statement to reporters outside the courtroom.

“He went to a home, went up on the porch, picked up a cat, took it to his pickup truck, threw it on the ground. The cat was meowing; he stomped its head, proceeded to disembowel it, took its liver and went fishing with it.”

Able is studying law enforcement at Hocking College in Ohio, the college only has one course on law enforcement, the Natural Resources Law Enforcement Technology course. The course is designed for people wanting a career as a park officer, watercraft officer or game protector. The program is designed to teach the skills necessary to protect life and resources from harm in federal, state, local, and privately-held parklands, natural areas, recreational sites, and managed resource areas.

Able can only be charged with a misdemeanor of animal cruelty as it is his first offence, if found guilty he could serve a maximum of six months in jail. I would hope that if he is convicted he loses all chance of beginning a career as a park ranger or any other kind of law enforcement officer.


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