Spider Sisters

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Ganga and Jamuna MondalGanga and Jamuna Mondal are conjoined twins, the 39 year olds share one body which has two heads, four arms and three legs.

The sisters perform regularly in their native India as part of a circus sideshow, spectators gather round to watch the sisters creep across the stage using all their limbs in an insect fashion. The girls have recently featured in a Discovery Channel programme entitled Human Spider Sisters. During the making of the documentary Dr James Stein, an American specialist in separating conjoined twins told the girls that he would be able to split them in two safely without either of them dying. But the Spider Sisters have refused to have the operation, they believe that being separated would be against God’s will.

The surgery would also ruin their career, currently the women can provide for their entire extended family with the proceeds from their freak show appearances. If the sisters were separated their act would be finished and they may have to resort to begging in the streets.

The sisters are both married to the same man, Gadadhar works at the same circus as the sisters and says he loves them both equally. But could he love them separately?

The twins share a single reproductive system and in 1993 they gave birth to a daughter who unfortunately died in infancy. Doctors have warned the sisters that any future pregnancy could be very dangerous for them.


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