A new hope for Ed Port

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Ed Port38 year old Ed Port from Ohio received some good news this week concerning the miracle he desires.

Ed was born with a rare genetic condition called neurofibromatosis which causes large tumours to grow on his face. Ed’s condition is the same as the so called Chinese Elephant Man Huang Chuncai’s disfigurement although fortunately for Ed his tumours haven’t grown to such a massive size yet.

Ed was lucky enough to receive some medical treatment when he was younger and has had the tumours surgically removed once, but health insurance companies are now refusing to remove the tumours that grew back. Despite the obvious debilitating effects the tumour has the insurance companies argue that the surgery would merely be cosmetic.

The truth is that the tumours are effecting Ed’s sight and hearing, and besides the physical effects Ed believes his appearance has seriously effected his chances in life. On top of children running in fear from him, and the occasional rude comment from people in the street Ed feels his condition has also ruined his job prospects.

But still the insurance companies will not pay out, so it’s fallen on Ed to try and raise the money he needs himself. Which is even harder considering he can’t get a job.

Ed is involved in many different fund raising events, and people can also donate directly by visiting Ed’s website, Ed Needs A Miracle. Hopefully by raising awareness of Ed’s condition more people will contribute to Ed’s miracle fund. That’s where MorningStar Entertainment come in. MorningStar are a film production company based in Los Angeles, and just to clarify they are in no way affiliated with The Morningstarr* they’re just obviously very cool people.

MorningStar Entertainment have agreed to produce a documentary featuring Ed which will be broadcast on television. MorningStar have won many industry awards for their work on surgery documentaries and most recently produced the show Surviving A Super Tumor which will be shown on American television this week.

The more exposure Ed’s face gets the more people will donate to his miracle fund.


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