Extraordinary Hair Sketches

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Ganesha25 year old Daya Kudari from Pune, India has a remarkable hobby. He creates images by gluing long strands of hair to paper, rather than pencilling the line.

Daya collects his hair after a trip to the barbers, takes it home and pastes it to a sheet of plain paper to create a selection of different images from landscapes to portraits of the Indian god Ganesha.

Daya calls his pictures “Hair Sketches” and has appeared on television and in newspapers discussing his art. He told us that he came up with the idea of creating abstract art from his own hair whilst studying at college.

“While in college, I got this idea of pasting my hair seeing the strands of hair on the pillow one day.” he said.

“But it was only after many years that I actually made the sketch and newspapers and TV channels reported it.”

To create the images requires a lot of patience, to complete the Ganesha image it took Daya six hours of painstaking concentration.

“while making it we need to control our breath or else the hair strands seem to blow away and we need to start all over again. It takes a lot of concentration but worth the effort”

Daya has his own website where he writes about his weird hobby as well as other subjects concerning the weird world and the paranormal. He contacted the Guinness Book of Records last year, but they unfortunately declined to include him as they simply didn’t have a suitable category for him! Maybe Daya will one day produce the world’s biggest Hair Sketch using the world’s longest strand of hair, then they’ll have no excuse to refuse him.


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