World Burrito Eating Championship

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Bob Shoudt

Bob Shoudt

Bob Shoudt won the World Burrito Eating Championship held yesterday at the New Mexico State Fair.

Shoudt walked away with the $1,500 prize money after consuming 33.5 4oz burritos, filled with beef, beans and green chili. Crowd favourite Hall Hunt unfortunately only managed to guzzle 30 of the burritos in the allocated time of ten minutes.

“I’ve never seen anything like this in my life,” one spectator told the Charleston Daily Mail.

“When they really picked it up, and you could see the liquid and food dripping out of their mouths, that was pretty disgusting.”

Bob Shoudt is now ranked number five on the International Federation of Competitive Eating‘s leader board. Earlier this month Shoudt defeated the world number one eater, Joey Chestnut at a chili spaghetti eating contest in Cincinnati.

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