Dollhouse season two updates

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EchoDollhouse creator Joss Whedon has been doing the rounds this week promoting the forthcoming second season of the show which premieres in the UK on Tuesday 20th October.

The latest news on the show is that Ray Wise from Reaper, Twin Peaks and RoboCop fame will be joining the show. Wise will play Howard, who runs a second Dollhouse and is basically Adelle DeWitt’s counterpart there, and it was also revealed that Summer Glau’s role will be the technical expert at that Dollhouse.

Both characters are lined up to debut in episode six and will have recurring roles.

Also this week screenshots of Eliza Dushku from episode two have been released online. The images reveal that Eliza’s character Echo will be taking on the role as a mother in one of her assignments, the episode will be entitled “Instinct”. Check out the gallery below.


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