The Black Widow triumphs at jalapeno eating contest

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Sonya Thomas

Sonya Thomas

Sonya “The Black Widow” Thomas has defeated reigning champion Pat Bertoletti at this week’s La Costena Feel the Heat Jalapeno Eating Championship Challenge held in Chicago.

In a close run competition Thomas and Bertoletti went head to head following a tie in the main event and had a one minute eat off where Thomas emerged victorious. Last year Bertoletti won the event by eating 191 spicy peppers in 6.5 minutes, but this year Thomas took the title by guzzling 250.5 peppers with Bertoletti only managing a disappointing 240. Thomas walks away with the $2,700 first prize.

Other big names who competed include recent Krystal Square Off World Hamburger-Eating Championship finalist, Hall Hunt.

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