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Try our fun movie quiz.

Which Brat packers starred in The Breakfast Club?

Name the movie:

Name the movie

In Back to the Future, what speed must the DeLorean reach to travel through time?

Who performed the theme to the Bond film, A View To A Kill?

What is the name of the artist who designed the xenomorph for Alien?

Who played Henry Hill in Goodfellas?

Name the movie:

Name the movie

Which movie is this tagline from? "The fastest hands in the East meets the biggest mouth in the West"

Director John Carpenter's They Live features aliens that have secretly taken over the world. What does the film's hero Roddy Piper use to discover the truth?

Who played agent Smith in The Matrix?

Which famous French director took the helm for Alien Resurrection?

Bruce Lee died midway through the production of which film?

Name the man who played "Davy Jones" in the movie Pirates Of The Caribbean ~ Dead Mans Chest.

Who’s next: Sheryl Crow, Garbage, Madonna, Chris Cornell?

Data, Sloth, Chuck, Andy, Mouth, Mikey and Brand are from which movie?

What is The Lost Boys about?

Which movie is this quote from? "Human sacrifices, dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria!"

Who played John Cusack's mother in the film The Grifters?

Which actor from Reservoir Dogs makes a cameo appearance as Buddy Holly in Pulp Fiction?

Who played alongside John Travolta in Face Off?

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