Goat gives birth to a half human half goat hybrid

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FaunA goat in Zimbabwe has given birth to a goat with the head of a human.

Villagers in Lower Gweru claim to have seen the bizarre goatboy which is said to have the head, face, nose, and shoulders of a human, with no fur covering them but the anatomy of a goat from the shoulders down.

The creature, which died shortly after it was born was described as so vile that even dogs were afraid to go near it.

“Normally, dogs like to play around a goat when it has just given birth. This time the dogs kept their distance. This is indeed a miracle that has never been witnessed anywhere,” one villager told the Zimbabwe Guardian.

The owner of the goat, a Mr Nyoni was so shaken up by the birth of the mutant that he contacted both the police and village leaders.

“It’s the first time that my goat did this. I have 15 goats and it’s this goat that gave me birth to most of them. My goats often give birth to sets of twins,” he said.

Local minister, Jason Machaya described the offspring as an abomination and believes that it is a result of human and goat copulation.

“This incident is very shocking. It is my first time to see such an evil thing. It is really embarrassing. The head belongs to a man while the body is that of a goat. This is evident that an adult human being was responsible. Evil powers caused this person to lose self control,” he said.

“We often hear cases of human beings who commit bestiality but this is the first time for such an act to produce a product with human features.”

In Roman mythology fauns were half man half goat woodland spirits. The Greek god Pan was also a faun, his image was later used to depict Satan, otherwise known as Morning Star.

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  • http://yahoo alondra

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  • Lol

    LOL! Dah… this is a common birth defect, its no hybrid at all. Its called hydrocephaly… look into it before reporting such rubbish.

  • LacK

    wow? nice, i cant even believe that there is really one, hope you can live one so you can know the result what will happened! ^.^

  • CC

    ok LOL….. that hydrocephalus? Doesn’t cut it as an explanation to me. Looked it up bud.

  • CC

    neither does the explanation that this is from a human having sex with the goat….. anybody think that maybe it’s the result of some evil lab experiment? cause it probably is. And this story sounds like a buncha stupid bullshit if you ask me….. i mean seriously it’s almost laughable… that the ‘local minister’ said it was from some man losing control….

  • OhNoItsJoana

    That’s not a human-goat hybrid. That’s just a malformation during embryogenesis!
    Embryos from all species have common embryon stages when they basically look like the same. So it’s more than natural that he looks like an human fetus.

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    News like this has already been prophesied, please see – http://wog.co.in/wog/OGTodaysword.aspx

    You will hear many news about birth of abnormal babies and news of Animals born in a disfigured way.

  • marwan raydan

    more questions ?
    they are not seeking for answer , their is a test called DNA , why they didn’t try ,
    nothing but a ball shit ,

  • marwan raydan

    sorry i meant \
    a goat shit

  • chelaine

    its a sign!…watch…bet on MY dollar things will change soon…HOW..who knows…but unnatural ocourences and RARE aboninamations are SIGNS!…

  • Mr. Mike

    I’m part man and part horse. I look, walk and talk like a man, but am part horse from the pelvis about a foot out. Anyone want a hay ride?

  • Ms. Jennifer

    If you were a horse with a human schlong, I totally would not want a hay ride. But in this case…