Big Cat Sightings

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Black catThere have been a number of big cat sightings up and down the country this week.

Last Thursday two witnesses in the Hertfordshire area told the Comet they had seen big cats prowling the countryside on two separate occasions.

52 year old Bill Brown from Stevenage told the Comet he saw a large cat which resembled a puma as he drove to work along Hatch Lane, between Weston and Baldock in Herts.

“It took a great leap out of a ditch at the side of the road and disappeared into the standing corn,” said Mr Brown

“It was sandy coloured and not a dog or a deer. It looked more like a small mountain lion. I didn’t stop to see where it had gone.”

A second sighting in the area took place on Friday 31st July, an anonymous report was given to the Comet stating that they saw a large black cat at Clothall Common in Baldock.

“It was definitely a big cat. I was walking along the edge of the field and watched it go into some woodland”. The anonymous witness reported.

On the 1st of July in Scotland a family visiting the mainland from the Orkneys spotted an unusually large cat in Deeside as they travelled from Banchory to Aberdeen. The Shearer family from Kirkwall told the Deeside Piper what they saw:

“It looked just like a normal cat but it was much larger. I saw it and immediately said to Carol ‘Look at the size of that cat!’” said Doreen Shearer.

“All four of us saw it, which is just as well because I was in complete disbelief and I really thought my eyes were playing tricks on me at first.”

In the past few days a woman in Derbyshire spotted a large black cat from her kitchen window. Pat Williamson, of Milton, near Repton, was doing the washing-up in her kitchen on Thursday 6th August when she spotted a big cat in the field behind her back garden.

“It was 8pm. I looked up and saw it in the rapeseed field. The animal was big and side-on so I could see it was long. It had a long black curly tail. I told my husband to get up quick and he came out to have a look.

“He went to get the binoculars from upstairs but by the time he had come downstairs it had slunk off into the bushes.” Mrs Williamson told This Is Derbyshire.

“I’d have got the camera but it wasn’t to hand. It was certainly a cat-like creature that was bigger than a dog.” Mr Williamson added.

And on Saturday journalist Helen Barrett and her family were approached by what she describes as a panther whilst out walking in Crystal Palace.

“It was quite alarming.

“At first we couldn’t believe what we were seeing.

“It was black, the size of a labrador, but walking like a cat.

“It had to be feline.” Mrs Barrett told the Croydon Guardian.

Mrs Barrett described how the animal came out of woodland about 15m in front of her and her family and quickly disappeared, but moments later it reappeared and headed towards the group forcing them to run in fear.

“We just turned and fled before it could get any closer”


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