Otty Sanchez ate her baby’s brain

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Otty SanchezTexas police have told gathered press that 33-year-old Otty Sanchez ate her son’s brains after decapitating him.

The Telegraph has reported that Sanchez used a kitchen knife and two swords to murder, decapitate and dismember three week old Scott Wesley Buckholtz-Sanchez. The Associated Press confirm that the police removed a kitchen knife, sword and a machete from the property, and states that Sanchez tore off the baby’s face and gnawed off three of the infant’s toes.

Following the attack Sanchez stabbed herself in the abdomen and slashed her own throat, when officers arrived at the crime scene she screamed “I killed my baby. I want to die”.

The child’s father, Scott W. Buchholtz has called for the death penalty. Buchholtz split from Sanchez a week before the murder, he told the New York Daily News that Sanchez had been suffering from postpartum depression and had been hearing voices. He had asked her to seek counselling.


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