Man rapes pig — may have caused pregnancy

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PigAn 18 year old man in Jamaica has been charged with bestiality after he was caught having sex with a pig.

The Jamaica Star reports that the 14 year old son of the pig’s owner spotted a naked man washing the rear end of the pig down by a riverbank in Lucea.

The quick thinking teenager used his mobile phone to summon other family members and they witnessed the man buggering the pig, once the man realised he’d been caught in the act he fled the scene leaving his trousers behind. The family who own the animal later hunted down the pig rapist and dragged him to the town square where an angry mob began slapping him with machetes.

A woman in the crowd protected the man until police arrived and arrested him. He has been charged with bestiality and is currently being held by the Lucea police.

If this weren’t bizarre enough now claims are being made by the owners of the pig that it is pregnant and the community are eagerly awaiting the birth to see what will emerge.


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