Autopsy Reveals Rats Did Kill Baby

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Natalie HillThree month old Natalie Hill died from multiple rat bites a Louisiana coroner has confirmed.

The infant was found last week dead in her crib by her distraught parents, Robby Hill and Casey Laine. Natalie was covered in hundreds of rodent bites, her nose had been gnawed off her face by the rats.

It was hoped that by a small mercy it would be found that little Natalie had died in her sleep and the rats were consuming her remains, but this week the coroner reported that she did in fact die from destruction of soft tissue caused by the large amount of rat bites.

The grieving family attended a funeral for Natalie on Thursday, but there was no burial. The girl’s body has been kept at the mortuary and the family are requesting a second autopsy on advice from their lawyer. The police have promised a full investigation into a possible case of neglect.

A second child, Natalie’s 14 month old brother has been taken into care following the death. Robby Hill and Casey Laine are currently battling to regain custody of the child.


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