Baby Eaten By Rats

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RatA three month old baby girl in Louisiana was found dead in her crib Thursday morning, rats had eaten away at her face and limbs. Detectives are trying to ascertain whether the girl died from her injuries or was already dead before the rodents began eating her.

Natalie Hill was found in her blood drenched crib yesterday morning by her distraught parents Robby Hill and Casey Laine. There was no phone at the property so Mr Hill ran to a neighbours to raise the alarm. Paramedics arrived at the scene at around 07:30 and pronounced the girl dead, she was covered in hundreds of rodent bites. The girl’s right arm and nose had been severely eaten away.

Nola News report that the coroner is currently trying to determine the cause of death, the child didn’t scream out in the night when it was being attacked so some believe she was already dead before the rats began gnawing on her.


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