Boy’s penis cut off with laser

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Severed penisIn another botched up circumcision this week, the Jakarta Globe report that a nine year old boy has had to undergo penis reattachment surgery.

The boy, named Komaruddin was one of over 100 boys that attended a mass circumcision ceremony in the Indonesian province of Riau last week. The event was only organised to accommodate 100 penises, but 170 boys arrived to have their foreskins removed. The 20 medical workers who were there to carry out the circumcisions were overwhelmed by the amount of foreskin they had to cut through, and inevitably mistakes were made.

As the over worked medical team sliced through Komaruddin’s foreskin with a laser cutting device, the cack-handed operative sliced straight through the poor boy’s reproductive organ with the laser, like a knife through butter. There was an ensuing panic as the medics raced around with the boy’s knob in their hands searching for a vessel to store it in.

Komaruddin was taken to Rengat General Hospital to sew the severed organ back on, but the procedure was a failure. four days later he was transferred to Awal Bross where the member was successfully reattached. It will be some time before doctors will be sure it is functioning properly.

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  • What?


  • Joseph

    And the medical justification for putting the boy at this risk in the first place was…


  • Ron

    It is sad that this had to happen all because of an unneeded surgical procedure. They should have let the poor little guy’s penis alone.

    After the penis was re attached again, are they still planning a circumcison. Perhaps these doctors and parents should be held resonsible and criminal charges should be filed

  • Omar

    I was circimsized as a baby and I hate it
    I’m 13 and I have 1 messag leve ur kids dicks alone I’m still pist off at my mom for gin it done to me

  • Omar

    wow that kids going to prety pist off at his parents

  • Kelli

    You know these Dr. get away with running peoples lives but , ave u ever noticed there never any oppses made on them How about we cut their Dicks off and let them live with out it. Sorry Basterds. I have 2 boys and Thank god they wernt messed up due to some one elses neglagence.

  • Mohammed Sofyan

    I hate my penis. It’s so ugly, and I have lost sensation in my glans. I hate Islam and I hate the people who started this barbaric practice in the first place (no, Jews aren’t the only ones who did this way back).

    Why the fucking hell do Muslims circumcise their kids anyway if neither the quran nor the hadith says it’s compulsory?

    Muslims are such idiots. They hate the Jews for this and that reason, but yet the biggest reason why they circumcise is to ape the Jews’ “covenant” with god. What nonsense! There is no god, and there is no reason why circumcision should be forced upon a child without a choice.

  • JP

    @Mohammed Sofyan: The reason is to destroy your sexual pleasure as much as possible while retaining sufficient ability to produce offsprings (new muslims) and, instead of having fun, dedicate your life to praying as a substitute of happiness. That way te imams have more control on the masses, because religions are especially about control and power. That’s the reason why they were invented.