Faeces Eating Posters Dubbed A Success

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A Devonshire council has reported that it’s shocking poster campaign created to cut dog fouling has been a success.

Torbay council launched the campaign in April, the posters show a small child eating dog excrement whilst sat in a play park with the tagline “Children will put anything in their mouths”. And it’s probably true.

The posters were placed in bus shelters around the area, Councillor Dave Butt says they have been a huge success citing the statistics as proof. Since the posters were introduced in April the number of dog turds reported has dropped from 400 to just 185 a month. And despite the shocking images the council say they have received no complaints about them.

Mr Butt told the BBC: “The poster was rather unpleasant, but helped drive the message home very forceably.

“We did not have any complaints, but we did have people ringing us to say it was about time and they were pleased we went in so hard.”

“We are not against dog owners, we are against people that ignore safety and health issues.”

In January another council began a campaign of spray painting dog faeces bright orange, that has seen some success.

Child Eating Dog Excrement


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