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TransitionAmerican aeronautical engineering company Terrafugia have developed a street legal flying car.

The Transition® should become available in 2011 and is expected to cost around £120,000, but Terrafugia already have orders for 60 vehicles on their books. The two seater vehicle runs on petrol and can travel up to 450 miles through the air at a speed of more than 70 mph. As soon as the plane touches the ground the wings fold up and it can then be driven legally on the road.

Carl Dietrich, who is co-founder and CEO of Terrafugia this week told Canadian television company CTV that the flying car had been test flown numerous times and had been a great success.

“Testing has been very successful,” he said.

“We have got a very good handling vehicle and our test pilot said that the flights were just remarkably unremarkable – it just flies like a really nice, little airplane.”

The Transition® has been designed so that pilots can land the vehicle to avoid bad weather and drive under stormy conditions for safety.

“This vehicle allows a pilot any time, if the weather changes, to divert to the nearest airport, fold up their wings and drive safely under the weather.” Dietrich said.

Flying Car The Transition At A Petrol Station


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