Result of a Yowie attack

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Dean Harrison's backside

Dean Harrison's backside

Yowie hunter Dean Harrison hit the headlines last week when The Australian reported the story of him being “rugby tackled” by Australia’s Bigfoot, the Yowie. Dean was tracking Yowies in Gympie, just outside Queensland when a startled Yowie knocked him on his arse!

Dean has played down the story a little, saying he wasn’t actually attacked by the creature just knocked down by it as it ran into him. But he has given these “graphic” photographs of himself to one of the world’s leading cryptozoologists, Loren Coleman from Cryptomundo.

As you can see from the pictures Dean isn’t shy, and he suffered multiple cuts and bruises after the creature knocked him off his feet at three o’clock in the morning and sent him tumbling into a rockpool.

Dean Harrison

Dean Harrison's Yowie Injuries

Yowie Injuries


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