13 Year Old Forced Into Bestiality

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Three people in Tanzania have been sentenced to 20 years in prison each, after they were found guilty of forcing a 13 year old school girl to have anal sex with a dog.

The Citizen reports that a young woman, 18 year old Shija Madata, and her two male accomplices Job Mlama and Anicet Edward both aged 30, all worked for the same gold mining company based in the Sengerema District of Tanzania. The court heard how in March last year Madata lured the schoolgirl to the mining company camp where they met with Madata’s boyfriend, Mlama.

Mlama made dinner for the three of them and then they went across the camp to meet Edward, who owned a dog. At that point Madata and Mlama stripped the girl and forced her to perform a sex act on the dog. Then as the three tormentors cheered the dog was made to sodomise the girl for several minutes.

Afterwards the trio paid the unnamed child 1000 shillings to keep the whole sordid affair a secret. However, the girl received such terrible injuries from the dog that she suffered an infection and had to seek medical help. At this point the alarm was raised and the three suspects were arrested.

Today Magistrate Gadiel Mariki gave each of the three defendants 20 years in prison, which they are allowed to appeal against. A women’s rights group spokesperson in Tanzania demanded the death penalty for the three perverts. The dog was handed over to the police, as it was also seen as an accomplice to the crime.


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