Monster Shark Caught Off Tourist Resort Coast

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A fisherman in Marbella, Spain has landed an uncommonly large thresher shark in his nets.

The beast was over 5 metres long, which isn’t common for that species of shark. Fisherman José María Lavado caught the shark in his nets, his immediate thought was he had snagged a dolphin but he couldn’t believe his luck when he saw the huge shark in the net. José María has donated the fins for public display and sold the rest of the carcass to a local restaurant. A shark that size is extremely rare off the coast of the Costa del Sol.

The thresher shark is said to be relatively harmless to humans, they use their long tails like a whip to stun their prey before eating it. However divers are always told to treat such animals with respect, and legendary shark fisherman Frank Mundus has written in his book Sportsfishing for Sharks a horrific account of a fisherman being decapitated by the whip of a large thresher shark’s tail fin.


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